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DBT: Stupid Smart Things

Manual which DBT is based off of.

DBT. This is a big category and what my life has consisted of for approximately the last two months. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Big Words. I know. I was introduced to DBT about four years ago and up until about a month ago I didn’t know what it meant. Let’s take this word by word. Dialectical. This is the word I ususally get caught up on and when I was looking up a definition I couldn’t find one that made any sense. Here’s one from Princeton’s site: “a contradiction of ideas that serves as the determining factor in their interaction.” That wasn’t too bad, right? What the ‘D’ in DBT is really standing for is the idea that a person can have two conflicting thoughts or emotions that are both true and that causes tension. DBT says that, yes, you can love and hate her and not be completely crazy (not that crazy is such a bad place to be). For me the two conflicting desires are wanting independence but being afraid to be alone. DBT allows me to be both! You should never have to choose.

This is where behavioral comes in. You have the thoughts but you have to change the action. DBT is all about living in harmony with the thoughts (because they will come whether or not you want them to) and changing your actions to live a more productive lifestyle.

And therapy of course is therapy. I don’t even know if I can define therapy because it is such a mainstream word for me. Help. Therapy means help.

Hope this helped you with all your burning questions! Note: Help does not mean therapy. It’s like rectangles and squares.


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